Laura's dream had been to become a natural healer since she was a child. Motivated to find a cure for her mom's disease, to understand the human nature, the Laws of the Universe and the meaning of life, she has been studying Healing Arts since she was in high school. At the age of 19, while in Romania - her home country, she befriended one of the most powerful Natural Healers of that time, Mr. Alexandru E. Russu-Bahmut, who agreed to be her esoteric teacher. Unfortunately, he died a year later, and Laura lost her teacher, but not her hope; she received the initiation that has allowed her to develop her psychic abilities and use bio-energy. Years later, after her arrival to United States, she developed herself as A Reiki Master/Teacher and Massage Therapist. She is the author of three spiritual books: The Journey of the Colorful Satrs, Reiki and the Path to Enlightenment and Focused on Spirit.

Laura strongly believes that her mission in life is to prevent disease, to facilitate healing of the body, mind and spirit, to bring awareness about the Higher Powers and to teach others how to unleash their own light within. Spiritual gifts are given to be shared. Therefore, Laura publishes her journals - her spiritual journey.

She was baptized and raised as an Orthodox Christian. Jesus' message for her has always been: Love, Heal & Teach!

Laura is the founder of Your Light Within LLC. She currently serves as:
- Reiki Master/Teacher - teaches all Reiki lelels and leads workshops on various themes related to meditation and healing
- Certified Massage Therapist - offeres Reiki along with the massages
-Shaman in training
- Doula in training - assists women emotionally during birth, and offers massages and Reiki attunements in labor.
- Writer and publisher of Spiritual Books
-Meditation guide

She practices hands on in the Washington DC area, but she serves people from anywhere in the world through her books of empowerment and inspiration, her prayers and her distant healing practice.

- Reiki Master/Teacher Certification - Reiki Masters: Rev. Samantha Beaty and Shaman Manin
- Energetic Expansion Attunements & programming crystals workshops with Shaman Manin as part of a three year long Multicultural Shamanic Class
-Angelic Living Light Alignment Practitionare Certification - teacher: Sandra A. Young
-Quantum Touch Workshop -
- Psychic University Level 1 with Sonia Choquette
-Doula trained
- National Certification in Swedish Massage Therapy and Bodywork
- Prenatal Massage Certification
- Landmark Education Graduate - The Curriculum for Living, Communication Access to Power course; coached the Self Expression and Leadership Program
- Bachelor and Masters in Computer Programming - Romania

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