Our pure hearts make us raw healers. Training makes us professional healers. Sharing makes us spiritual teachers.

We are a beautiful soul-family of Reiki Master/Teachers, a team of Light-Workers who have a Higher Common Purpose: a world of oneness, filled with well being, unconditional love, joy and beauty. The more diverse our services are, the better we can serve Humanity.

Carmen Eliam

Carmen is a Reiki Master/Teacher and a Jewelry Designer living in Washington, DC. With dedication to her art, Carmen transfers her love, passion and reiki energy on to her jewelry. Copper has been used for jewelry and as a means of improving health perhaps since man first discovered it. The use of wire goes back to ancient times. Ancient Egyptians weaved pieces of wire jewelry, as did the Chinese in their intricate filigree. It can be said that wire is alive.
Please click here http://www.carmeneliamjewelry.com/ to visit Carmen's website or contact her at info@carmeneliamjewelry.com.

Carrie Vieira

Carrie is a Reiki Master/Teacher and a Oneness University Trainer living in Bethesda, MD. She facilitates a meditation group on Monday nights in Bethesda and offers the Deeksha (also known as the Oneness Blessing) at this group. Please see http://www.meetup.com/Oneness-Metro-DC/about/ for more information or contact her at cvoneness@gmail.com.

Emily Blanko

Emily is a Reiki Master/Teacher and Yoga instructor in the Washington, DC area.  A professional chef, Emily is working on new ways to promote healthy lifestyle changes through food.  With grattitude, she is giving back what has been given to her. By helping others, we help ourselves.
You can follow her blog:  www.roaringlife.com Email: bankoe25@gmail.com Call: (716)807-5194.

Gina Bates Brown

Gina is a Reiki Master/Teacher residing in Howard County, MD who also practices numerology, astrology, Feng Shui, yoga and teaches dance. She is the mother of two, gifted young children who have received Reiki, Shiatsu and Acupuncture. Gina is committed to raising spiritual awareness and healing through body work, color, nutrition and research.
Email Gina: gbatesbrown@earthlink.net
Call Gina: (443)610-5493

Ellie Parker

Ellie Parker is a Reiki Master/Teacher and graduate of massage therapy living in Martinsburg, West Virginia whose passions also include writing, poetry, and painting. Ellie combines Reiki with spiritual counseling and intuitive healing in addition to facilitating "The Artist's Way" groups for self-discovery, healing, creativity and finding our passions in life.

Please visit Ellie's new blog site which contains her profile by clicking here. Ellie began her second blog with the idea of sharing practical and thoughtful tips, challenges, and information with like-minded students on a path of spirituality. A blog a day for a year.
Email Ellie at practicalspirituality365@gmail.com

Laura O'Neale

Laura is a Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Massage Therapist, Meditation Guide, Doula trained, Shaman in training and Author of three spiritual books, residing in Washington DC. She is the founder of Your Light Within LLC. For more information about Laura please click here. If you are interested in Reiki /Massage Sessions, Reiki classes (all levels) or Reiki workshops with Laura in the Washington DC area, of if you want to send a suggestion or a testimonial, please:
Email Laura: Laura@YourLightWithin.com
Call Laura: (703) 862-8772

Maribeth Coye Decker, CMT

Maribeth is a Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Massage Therapist, and Quantum Touch Practitioner residing in Alexandria, VA. If you are interested in massage therapy and energy healing for your body as well as energy healing therapy for emotional "stuff," please visit www.sacredgrovebodywork.com.
Email Maribeth: maribeth@sacredgrovebodywork.com
Call Maribeth: (703) 868-0052

Ron Mohl

Ron is a Reiki Master/Teacherand Spiritual Accountantresiding in Virginia. He has combined his spiritual practices with his 32 years of accounting experience. As a spiritual healer, Ron helps his clients heal their finances with a holistic approach.

While taxation is his main focus, Ron is providing consulting that help business owners in writing their business plans, and helps them set monthly and quarterly goals. With the infusion of meditation and visualizing the end results, Ron's techniques help his clients achieve their business successes. This consulting program is a 6 month process that has proven to bring the client and the goals they desire into alignment far faster than not using these techniques.
Visit Ron's website: www.RonMohl.com
Email Ron: Ron@RonMohl.com
Call Ron: (202) 714-9833

Sue B.

Sue is a Reiki Master/Teacher, Meditation Guide, Laying on of Hands Healer, Medium and Aromatherapy Practitioner living in the Washington, DC area. She is gracefully sharing her many gifts, and her love and dedication for her spiritual mission are a blessing for the world.
Please click here to visit Sue's web page or contact her at Sue@YourLightWithin.com.

Wanakhavi Wakhisi

Wanakhavi is a Reiki Master/Teacher, healthy eater, and a filmmaker by trade. Currently he is working with Dana at Spiritual Essence Yoga facilitating workshops and starting an organic food farm. More info about Spiritual Essence Yoga can be found at www.spiritualessenceyoga.com.
Every year, Wanakhavi puts on events and workshops surrounding healing, love, and spiritual development. This year his focus has turned to healthier eating options such as raw and vegan. Currently he is developing a raw food business called Wana go Raw. If you are interested in media services, healthy catering or healing please contact him.
Email Wanakhavi at: wanafilm@yahoo.com
Call Wanakhavi at: (202) 270-9058

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