All blessings of life come with homework. Unless we learn to embrace the whole package of our life experience we're missing out on the most delightful part-learning the lessons, opening our hearts, growing spiritually.

The Journey of the Colorful Stars
A Pathway toward Love, Faith, and Healing

The Journey of the Colorful Stars tells that every life circumstance and experience, good or bad, is meant to help us pay our karmic debts, learn important lessons that our soul chose to take on during this lifetime, and to ultimately find our soul mission. Barriers have to be removed so that our vision about life aligns with our spiritual essence. Then, we remember who we are and what we came here for. Summarizing the author's first 33 years of life, this book depicts a progressive spiritual awakening and gives transformational, universal tools that can be used by all of us.

"The idea of writing The Journey of the Colorful Stars was born in a moment of inspiration and profound feeling of gratefulness I had for my first esoteric teacher, Alexandru E. Russu, who had passed away about twelve years previously. His teachings had been sustaining me in many ways along my spiritual path.

"The title was inspired by a life-transforming dream that I had around the age of nineteen. The dream was a revelation of my pathway toward faith healing, and stepping into Oneness with the divine light.

"We are all beloved children of the universe. As we remember who we really are and follow our dreams, our hearts blossom and so, too, do the lives of everyone we touch. I am inviting you to read this book with an opened heart and mind, and let it inspire you to find your teacher, your power within, and your own spiritual mission. In the process, remember, you are not alone: the colorful stars are here for everyone. "

Laura O'Neale


By purchaising this spiritual book, you are supporting Laura in her efforts to publish her third book, Focused on Spirit.


"Laura and I were massage therapy students together - a serendipitous, synchronous meeting that was meant to be. Laura, as a Reiki master, led me to become a Reiki master as well and continues to be a true friend and mentor. In this book, she shares her life story in a way that helps me reflect on my own life’s turning points and lessons for growth and healing. This book has become a reference for a quick reflection on how I’m doing on any given day. I really love the Tools for Spiritual Development and have given this to clients and friends as an easy way to try meditation and affirmations." – Maribeth Coye Decker, MS, MGA, CMT, Sacred Grove Bodywork

"This is such a beautiful book. The author gives of herself so purely, so openly. She shares her spiritual journey in a way that offers readers tangible guidance as they continue down their own paths. You can feel the writer talking to you when you read--She truly captivated me and I felt like I was there with her as she experienced both happy and challenging times. The quotes she infuses throughout the books often made me pause to fully absorb them, and I've put a few on my wall to look at each day. I highly recommend this book to anyone who's exploring their spirituality, and trying to find meaning in day-to-day occurrences and the people who come into our lives. This book is a gift of pure love to the world." - Whitney Harrelson October 29, 2011

You have learned well, my daughter. I was with you as you wrote this book and I will continue to be with you. You have captured, in essence, all my teachings. You have written in a way that will allow many generations to come to see, to know, and to hear the very experience that I thought to teach you, and now they will learn from you.” —Alexandru E. Russu (trans-channeled message by spiritual consultant Bob Hickman)

Someone prayed over the book; golden light comes out of it.” —Bob Hickman


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