"Many of the things you can count don't count. Many of the things you can't count really count." - Albert Einstein

Meditation is one of those things that really count...

When I was 19, I asked my esoteric teacher to show me how to heal and how to develop my psychic abilities, but he taught me how to meditate. He said “when you will control your mind you will open any door you want”.

Meditation raised my vibration and as a result, the quality of my thoughts, dreams, people I met, opportunities – everything improved. Meditation is the base for all vibrational healing and for spiritual growth.

More about meditation and its tremendous importance here.

Would you like to experience the bliss of ONENESS? It is all about being connected to your Higher Self. It is all about being connected with the Divine Light of the Creator. Meditation is the way to get there. Going within, being aware of your light within, feeling it, and transforming it in a flowing fountain of Life Giving Water, this is the pathway to Enlightenment. It's being said that prayer is "talking to God", and meditation is "listening to God".

As we're meditating together, we're opening the door to the Universal Consciousness, and most importantly, we practice being one, which is the ultimate goal of humanity.

Below are links to different meditations. Enjoy!

Meditations to connect with the four elements
Note: These meditations are part of Laura's book, The Journey of the Colorful Stars.

The Magic Oneness Meditation (balancing all chakras, empowering the heart)
Note: This meditation is part of Laura's upcoming book, Focused on Spirit, copyright 2011.

The Magic Oneness Meditation for couples
Note: This meditation is part of Laura's upcoming book, Seven Chakras Love, copyright 2011.






Trust that Life is an amazing gift
and let the Light flow through you


Thank you,
Laura O'Neale
Reiki Master/Teacher

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