Healing brings love, love brings peace, and peace brings oneness.

Reiki and the Path to Enlightenment
A Reiki and Shamanic Journal for Energy Healing Students, Practitioners and Teachers

What is Reiki? What is Enlightenment? How can Reiki be useful on the path to Enlightenment? These are questions you might ask yourself.

Reiki and the Path to Enlightenment gives simple answers through many insights I had throughout the years while healing myself, learning and teaching Reiki.

The cover was designed in honor of Dr. Mikao Usui, the Japanese Buddhist who rediscovered Reiki and who spread its blessings in the world. While meditating, standing under a waterfall that was known to open the crown chakra, he suddenly felt the great Reiki energy at the top of his head, which led to the Reiki healing system.

The writing comes from my heart. It is not stylish, but profound and free. I did not write like that before Reiki, Shamanic Practices, and you... being one with you. I love you.

Reiki and the Path to Enlightenment is not only a book, but also a Reiki class handout if you so choose. Hand this book out, Energy Healing teachers. Use this handout, Energy Healing students. "Handout" means that it is out-of-my-hands. It is yours to believe, re-create, update and become who you choose to be. We are co-creators with God. Our creativity is the umbilical cord between us and the Creator. I invite you to use this book as inspiration and point of reference, and practice the way you are guided by spirit.


By purchaising this spiritual book, you are supporting Laura in her efforts to publish her third book, Focused on Spirit.


Laura's open and loving heart allows the Councils, Angels and divine beings to shine through to offer hope, healing and peace to anyone who wishes to receive. I am sodalited that our Councils have again brought us together in this lifetime to share the Hope, Love, Forgiveness, Peace, JOY!, Gratitude and Laughter with our soul families. Aho. Shaman Manin

"As you are reading this book you experience with Laura the journey of the Spirit. You feel the presence and power of the work of Reiki in your own soul through the stories told. Laura's stories give guidance on how to live, teach and fellowship. It is a must read for anyone doing Reiki work. The lesson plans are excellent complete with handouts. Using this book as a study guide and testimony for what is possible, has great value. In the process of reading and sharing what is found in these pages, you find yourself joining the family of healers in Laura's life - a community of oneness with you in the circle. It is the key to Great Power, Energy, Health, Wealth and Happiness." - S. Bracey, Reiki Master and Healer


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