You are made of Divine Love and you can choose to let your light within lead your way,
every moment, every day.

We are all on a spiritual journey and it's perfect exactly where we are in the process. We are all connected through Divine Light, whether or not we are aware of it. If you have chosen to go faster on your spiritual journey, and your desire is to connect with your power within more and more, to expand, to grow and glow, and serve humanity through your love, then you have made a very good choice contacting us.

For a happier life, I encourage everyone to connect to source in any way possible: through prayers, chanting, any kind of meditation, through nature, animals, and loving relationships. I encourage everyone to trust and expand their own light within, which is a healer, a lover, and a joyful spark of the divine.

After years of conscious spiritual journeying, I got to believe that people can’t ignore their calling and they can’t fail their soul mission. Trust source and keep going!

Laura O'Neale

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They are all passing along spiritual gifts for the world.

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Our services include: Reiki I, II and III classes and initiations, Reiki and massage sessions, spiritual and personal development counseling sessions, guided meditation sessions, Reiki for mothers before and during birth, anointing with oils, empowering energy boosts and much more.

We are reconnecting with soul family members, and we are expanding our spiritual network. Come and join us, it is a gift to be part of a group that brings light to every soul. Thank you for your desire to invest in your happyness, well being and fulfillment.

Many blessings, love and light,
Laura O'Neale, Founder of Your Light Within LLC

Breathe and Trust! Your Light Within is the key to your deepest, peaceful place, where all the answers are!

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